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A lovely group of people who want to make a difference in the lives of others. Created a resource pot, dotted the i's, crossed a few t's and the rest is history. We are humbly proud to say a number of lives have been touched and changed by our actions. 


We believe making actual change in peoples lives doesn't have to be as complicated. We aim to touch lives one by one through various youth/community development projects as we grow as a Company... simple. We will do this through profit allocation, transparency and continuous rhetoric on responsible entries into our uptake packages.

We promise to only provide life changing products/assets and resources that are actually suited to you.

"Change, they say, begins with you"

Our Mission

To Change Lives

To Create A Nation Without Bias

Offer A Simple & Easy To Use Platform

Develop communities/nurture Youth of the future

To Offer Fairness & Transparency


For The People

We Are Building A National Brand

In the next 3 to 8 years we aim to build a National Brand. A company thats here to stay and a company Nigerians can call their own. We will do this through innovation as well as promoting responsible entry and purchase of tickets into our product/asset uptakes

Our Ambition Is Next To None

We are ambitious to do more and bring more life changing packages to you by prioritising long term, responsible growth as well as celebrating the things that make us who we are. Getting to know you and what we are able to offer as product uptakes stand at the top of our priorities

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We See A Bright Future

We see a bright future for the youth of the country. We see a future where everyone can be a winner without an element of bias involved. We see a future we can contribute to shaping by encouraging other companies to do more for youth/communities therefore creating a better Nation.

This is a future we would like to be part of

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Head of Marketing

Melissa Stokoe National Giveaway Product planner/Strategist


Head Product Uptake Planner/Deputy Marketer

Osaheni Ogunbor National Giveaway Businss Advisor/Board Member


Business Advisor/Board Member