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What you believe is what you get!


In hindsight if we all knew in 2019 what 2020 would be like, we would have been better prepared. Nonetheless we faced our tribulations and are thankful that we are where we are today in order to prepare better for 2021. Let us all put this year behind us and end it TOGETHER in style.

Are you funny? Can you act, sing, model, a photographer, dance or are you just plain silly like us would like to show people?

Whatever your craft, send us a 15 - 45 seconds video or picture slideshow if you're a model/photographer and end it with "National Uptake - What you believe is what you get

1st place - N600,000

2nd place - N300,000

3rd place - N100,000

How To Enter This Competition

  • Create your video

  • End your video with "National Uptake - What you believe is what you get"

  • Search for and download the National Uptake mobile app on Apple App Store if you have an iPhone. If you have an android phone go to www.nationaluptake.com to download and register from there. If you don't have a phone, use a friends phone to download it and register. If you don't have a friend or a phone then use a computer and register

  • Remember the name you used to register, you will need it for submission

Please Note: If you're already a member of National Uptake or have the app downloaded/registered, then go straight into making and submitting your video

How To Submit Your Video

  • After creating your video, post it on YOUR social media profile, Instagram or Twitter. You must use the hashtag #nauptakechallenge. Remember the name we told you up there? You need to add it as a hashtag, for example #janemichaeljones

Therefore when you submit your video on your social media profile, your hashtag should look like this... #nauptakechallenge #janemichaeljones

Please note: Do not send us your video directly. The chances of us seeing your video are much higher if you follow the instructions. Your video will not be seen if you directly send it as our team are not looking out for those, we're only checking the hashtag stated above and we confirm your entry by checking for your name as a registered member on our database if you've registered or downloaded the National Uptake app


  • Your video must be between 15 - 45 seconds. If it's longer, it must be a really amazing video then​ 😍

  • End your video with "National Uptake - What you believe is what you get"

  • Whether you're a participant or a voter, you must have an account registered on National Uptake or have downloaded the app and registered

How This Competition Works

  • Quite simple. When you submit your video, we will watch every second of all videos submitted and the most intriguing 20 videos out of the bunch will be selected to progress to the Final.

  • The top 20 videos in the final will then be ranked by the public through a voting system. Each person who votes for you is counted as 2 votes towards you

There are 3 rounds.

  1. Submission/Selection round (Current round, ends when submissions reach 10,000 entries)

  2. Final (Start date to be announced after Submission/Selection round)

  3. Grand Finale (To be confirmed before the end of the Final round)

Submission/selection round - At the end of this round we will announce the date when the Final round will begin. This gives you time, in order to get your friends and family to be ready to cast their votes for you

Final Round - This round kick starts the voting. It will run for 14 days. This 14 day period is to give everyone an equal chance. The people who vote for you have to use their 2 allocated votes within a 24 hour period during his round.

For example if you get "John or Jane" to vote for you and they do, they will have 0 votes remaining for that day. Then at the start of a new day, they will have 2 votes again they can use to vote for you again 👍🏽

If your video is in the top 20, you definitely have something. So this is the chance for your friends & family to prove their faith in you as well as you to show the public what you got.

At the end of the 14 day period of voting. The top 10 videos with the highest number of votes will progress to the Grand finale

If you did well in the Final then the Grand finale shouldn't be a problem for you. For example, if you were 9th position in the Final, then the Grand finale is your chance to move up the ladder and be part of the Top 3.

And if you were 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the final, then the Grand Finale is your chance to solidify your place and let them know you're not a one hit wonder, it wasn't by mistake, show them!

Grand Finale - This is where the top 3 highest ranked videos/submissions will simply be the winners

Tips & Guidelines

We're a bunch of fun loving and outgoing people. Therefore if you want to grab our attention, add some style 💁‍♀️, show some personality, own it, but most especially HAVE FUN whilst at it! Very important.

Like we mentioned already, add at the end or beginning of your video - "National Uptake - What you believe is what you get". Your video will not be looked at or considered if this isn't done.

You can create videos with friends as a group or individually. Each video submitted will be classified as 1 entry.

Use any camera of your choice, wow us with whatever you would like to show us.

When you submit your video on your social media profile, remember to set your profile to public. If you do not do this, we will be unable to see your video. 

Get our attention even more by sharing, talking about this challenge, shouting about it on your social media profile and we will definitely see you

Tell a friend to tell a friend.

Please Note: Limited number of applications as well as a minimum number of applications of 10,000 - 20,000 to be received in the submission/selection round before proceeding to the final. If this isn't reached we will move forward the end date of video submission.

Our aim has always been to provide a fair and equal chance for everyone in anything we embark on. Therefore giving more people the chance to hear about this competition at the first round before proceeding, is the right thing for us to do.


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What you believe is what you get!