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How TO Enter

The process to enter any of our Uptakes was built with you in mind. We've made it so easy and in as little steps as possible. No long registration forms, no personal questions that are borderline intrusive, just straight up and simple questions that enter you into the product Uptake

STeps of how to enter a Product uptake

Step 1

Download the National Uptake mobile app or click here to see available uptakes

Step 2

If you're not registered, click here to sign up. When done click on the product you would like to enter

Step 3

Select how many entries you would like for that product uptake

Step 4

Choose your method of payment, then enter details. You can pay by card, Bank transfer, or by  funding your credit bag (wallet)

And thats it, in 4 simple steps you have been entered for a product Uptake.

You will receive an email/text from us “National Uptake” containing your reference number(s). Remember to check your spam/junk folder if you are unable to find the reference numbers(s) in your email inbox, then click NOT JUNK/SPAM so you don't miss our emails

Please Note: If the product you entered for is labelled as "FREE or PROMOTIONAL" then after clicking the "Get Ticket" button, you will be entered automatically and not shown the payment page. You will receive email of your ticket reference confirming your entry. This will also be in your entry history in your account settings

Watch the video below, see how simple it is to enter



"What you Believe is what you get"

Terms & Conditions apply. ™ 2020 National Uptake. See Rules of Entry

Download the National Uptake app to be notified when new product uptakes or free giveaways online are available. If you already have the app, make sure you allow notifications in order not to miss out a life changing experience or asset that can be yours.

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About us

™ 2021 National Uptake

We believe everyone should have a fair and equal chance to win life changing products, assets, experiences or events by playing in Nigeria. Our goal is to provide you in a few short years the ability to win a car, a house, a holiday experience overseas and many more amazing products.
Whichever option you pick, win or not, you are contributing to the betterment of the nation through our community development plan. "Change, begins with you"
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