Rules of Entry

  1. You must be 18 years or older

  2. Unless you're a resident of Nigeria with valid documentation, you're only able to claim your win if you are a citizen

  3. Each entry must be bought for its full price unless you received your entry through a free giveaway or promotion carried out by National Uptake

  4. You have 180 days to pick up your win. If you won a promotional uptake, you have 14 days to claim The 180 or 14 days start counting from the day the winner was announced.

  5. If you game, manipulate or carry our any activity deemed as fraudulent by National Uptake in order to win any product uptake you will be banned, not receive that win and possibly be reported to the right authorities

  6. You entry into a uptake wont be deemed as legit if your entry/entries were bought after the time in which that uptake is available for

  7. Your entry will only be valid if it is recorded on National Uptake computer system

  8. There is no general right to enter for any of our product uptakes

  9. If a person is presented with an uptake and we find out you were underage at time of participation, we have the right to request the win back from you

  10. If you're the winner of an Uptake and turn out to not have the right government documentation or you are below the age of 18, you will not receive your win. This win will be rolled over unto another product uptake

  11. National Uptake employees are not allowed to purchase any entries except for testing purposes of the National Uptake systems

  12. You are urged to enter into our product uptakes RESPONSIBLY. We intend to provide adequate measures to help you with this as we grow

  13. You can only claim an uptake if you're the holder of the account that purchased the entry

  14. You must initiate the claim process when you win by clicking the claim button on the product you won in "My Uptakes"

  15. You are solely responsible for the collection of your win on the dates we provide, unless National Uptake makes other arrangements for you to collect your win

  16. If you're a winner you understand that National Uptake may disclose your information like, name to the public for promotional purposes only

  17. When presenting your product Uptake to you, you agree to be filmed and interviewed about your experience of entering for the product. You also give us the consent to publish your image and story on our website, our social media channels, our media/business partners if need be as well as use your image for promotional material

  18. Failure to agree to any of the points in the rules of entry will lead to you forfeiting your win

  19. When you enter any of our promotional uptakes, for your entry to be considered as valid you must follow @nationaluptake on instagram and subscribe to National Uptake on YouTube. We have the right to refuse you as a legit winner if this rule isn't followed during participation of promotional uptakes

  20. These rules can be modified at any time, so please review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on the website. If we make material changes, we will notify you here, through email or your notifications in app so that you are aware.

National Uptake,

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